Jennifer Lott

Co-Founder & Co-President

Studying: Chemical Engineering (Senior) 

Fun fact: I have a French Bulldog named Tobey!


Cheyenne Bell

Co-Founder & Co-President

Studying: Architecture (Senior)

Fun fact: I saw Anne Hathaway in a pie shop!


Vickie Kubyshko


Officials Liasion

Studying: Math and Physics (Sophomore)

Fun fact: My favorite week is Shark Week. 



Izzy Hong

Studying: Professional Writing, Design, Animation (Junior)

Fun fact: I attended the Institute of Culinary Education!

Beth Rispoli

Studying: Product Design & Cognitive Neuroscience (Sophomore)

Fun fact: When not working on school or skating, I like to eat lots of food and run my skating dress design business (Skating Design by Beth).

IMG_9466 (2).JPG

Sarah Shaheen

Studying: Ethics, History, Public Policy (Freshman)

Fun fact: In the future, I hope to encourage as many people possible to take on plant-based diets.



Yooha Kim

Studying: Biology & Psychology (Freshman)

Fun fact: I have played violin for 10 years and viola for 4 years. 

Sonali Gupta

Studying: Business Administration (Freshman)

Fun fact: After living in Canada for 6 years, I now have a slight Canadian accent.


Amanda Bao

Studying: Information Systems (Freshman)

Fun fact: Along with figure skating, I am also in the CMU Ballroom Dance Club. 


Samantha Ramsey

Studying: Computer Science (Freshman)

Fun fact: I collect pictures of state signs. 


Jessica Zhao

Studying: Mathematics (Freshman)

Fun fact: Aside from skating, I love to dance! I did ballet for 10 years and have recently started ballroom dancing.


Anagha Vasudevarao

Studying: Economics (Freshman)

Fun fact: I have an identical twin.